Saturday, December 17, 2016

The Potemkin Presidency : the power of the Big Lie remains timeless

At the very least, this generation of school kids will no longer have to gape in disbelief as to how so many people were unwilling to believe Hitler's often repeated blood-curdling racist threats and so willing to con themselves into believing he was just saying them to help 'swing a deal' that would satisfy German demands over Versailles and placate its neighbours.

For they have the billionaire President-to-be Donald Trump before them : assembling the richest and most right wing Cabinet ever in American history, all the while claiming he is out for the ordinary six pack working stiff.

An American patriot --- or Putin's Poddle ?

Hard on the Chinese ---- or a willing-to-cut-them-a-sweet-deal Manchurian Candidate?

The Trump family has made it to the top by fabricating fake golfing and vacationing Potemkin Villages*, and by fabricating Fake News and Fake Political stances : fake, fake, fake : and a new generation of gullible parents and grandparents swallow it wholesale,  in 2016 as in 1936 ....

*Scottish political boss Alex Salmond becoming his generation's Neville Chamberlain when he got down on his knees to swallow that particular Big Whopper.

Sunday, December 11, 2016

Viola Desmond triumph will boost Kellie Leitch campaign

why we all failed to predict the triumph of the TRUMP counter reaction to Obama's moves towards greater tolerance 

I won't go as far as to call it a law of political science ----because I don't believe such 'laws' can exist ----- but generally, we can say that for every official gesture towards greater tolerance there is almost always a massively angry, if sullenly quiet, popular counter-reaction from about half of the population.

And having an united quietly sullen half of the population on your side is more than enough to get yourself elected -- just ask President-to-be Donald Trump.

Thursday, December 1, 2016

a team of two 4Fs & a woman, working unfunded in three little rooms, couldn't possibly be worth 'a hill of beans', not set against the bigness of WWII

But then you never know, do you ?

Because ten billion of us already, since 1940, have led healthier happier lives because of those three's dogged efforts eventually inspiring a lot of others to join in.

Emergent Modernity is all about an interconnecting humanity, that even when it is open to anything and everything, is still always unexpectedly surprised....