Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Music on the radio Dawson's chief pleasure as he worked at night

Radio was much much bigger than movies in the supposed golden age of movie theatres.

imagining the typical thoughts of typical people

Imagining the particular thoughts of particular individuals is not something historians can do and still be regarded as historians.

Dal Medical Library is my best friend

If we see a fly-on-the-wall documentary regarding the thirty six hour visit of a major European president to President Clinton ; a documentary film in which we see Clinton charm the visiting VIP publicly but then privately tells his aides, "Oh God, he just never stopped talking !!", we are likely to feel we have gotten an accurate account of the visit, based on what we already know about the public and private Clinton.

Robert E Hoyt loses as Official Histories (and their arse-licking sycophants) 'disappear' more people than Argentina's Dirty War ever did

It now seems clear that the Washington bureaucratical fallout cum panic from Robert E Hoyt's early 1943 decision to stop making DIY penicillin for Frank Queen's patients at Bingham military hospital led directly to the decision to bring in the WPB (War Production Board) into the penicillin story.

Monday, November 28, 2016

the libretto to a hospital drama, with background radio music

A melodrama (melo-drama), it is worth remembering, was originally any sort of spoken word drama with background instrumental and vocal music off.